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We are a professional GTA company providing residential and commercial construction and repair services specializing in Stucco. We are well experienced with all types of stucco installations, moulding, caulking and plastering work for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Stucco is a cement mixture used for siding homes. The cement is combined with water and inert materials such as sand and lime. The exterior of your home is the vital first impression you give to your visitors. Make it count with aesthetic stucco work that pleases the eyes. Since stucco comes in a range of colours and finishes, you have abundant choices to pick a style that will make your home look beautiful.


The name says it itself, ALP stucco’s mission is to offer quality work that protects your home through Canadian weather, offering quality work at an affordable price. We know our customers rely on us for commitment, reliability, and time-efficiency when it comes to their projects, and with our experienced team we’re here to help you create your dream home. Using cutting edge wall cladding systems, we create truly stunning exteriors on newly built homes, retrofits, hotels, motels, restaurants, office buildings, practically any commercial or residential structure. With hundreds completed projects in Ontario, the Alp Construction name has become a mainstay of quality and customer satisfaction.

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